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of people will experience 
a mental health condition 
in their lifetime.

of mental health issues
begin by age 14;
75% begin by age 24.

of people 18-24 with
anxiety or depression
don't seek treatment.


Every dollar matters. Thanks to your tax-deductible donation, we’ll be able to educate communities, provide hope and encouragement, and give people the help they deserve. Give today and join us in making a lasting impact.


Serving with Solidarity is inspiring! You or your group can help Solidarity in any number of ways by giving your time to volunteer. Our volunteers are hardworking and caring individuals and group who want to make their community and world a little brighter for everyone in need.

Dedicate your talents and passions to help us care for families, improve lives, and lead change.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Solidarity!

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